Consignor’s Policy


  1. All clothing must be freshly cleaned, pressed, and be free of any holes, rips, or stains.
  2. All clothing brought in to consign must be on hangers.
  3. We only accept current trend clothing with the brand label and size still attached.  Older styles and visibly worn clothing will not be accepted.
  4. Product selection and pricing are at the sole discretion of 2nd Time Around. We reserve the right to refuse any item for any reason at any time.
  5. From August until February we will accept Fall/Winter clothing.  From March until July we will accept Spring/Summer clothing.
  6. A limit of 10 items of clothing plus 10 accessories (including shoes) per account per week will be accepted.
  7. All clothing will be inspected upon arrival to ensure that it meets the quality requirements.
  8. Only one account per household.
  9. The consignor and 2nd Time Around will split the selling price of the item 50/50.
  10. All items will be displayed for 90 days.  After which the unsold items will expire from consignment and may be pick up by the consignor.  The consignor will have 7 days after the expiration date to pick up any unsold items.  Each consignor is responsible for tracking the expiration date of their items and locating the items at 2nd Time Around if they wish to pick them up.  Any items that are not picked up or sold will become the property of 2nd Time Around to continue to sell or to donate.
  11. All formal wear items will be displayed for 180 days.  After 180 days any items not picked up or sold will become property of 2nd Time Around to continue to sell or donate.  Any unsold formal items may be picked up at any time.
  12. Consignors will be mailed a check every 90 days for their share of any items sold as long as their total is over $10.  If the total is less than $10 it will be saved and added to the next check.  Checks will be mailed at the beginning of November, February, May, and August.  However, 2014 checks will only be mailed in November.
  13. A $1.00 processing fee per check will be deducted from the total amount given to the consignor.
  14. Consignment will only be taken Tuesdays from 10 am until 6pm, Wednesday from 10 am until 6 pm, and Friday from 10 am until 8pm.   Consignment will not be taken any other times or days than those mentioned.
  15. 2nd Time Around is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.